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Pedigree for Shepherd Calls Away Abigale (Abigail)



Xancinetti Ducky Jonathan Seagull To Have And Have Not Britannia Stars And Stripes
Strike A Light Viva Victoria
Xancinetti Amity Momo Thelovelyheartbreaker's Cincinettik
Gaver Beardies Xanadu
Vallarens Ulla-Bella Boomtown Oban Hairdog's Picco Piccaro Heather Mist Everybody's Business Binbusy Quotation
Clic's Hip Hip Hurray
Hairdog's Jennifer-Rush Orora's River Dance
Hairdog's Forever Young
Boomtown Easter Bunny Midnight's Nice'N'Strong Woolpack's Gooseberry-Muffin
Midnight's Keep On Knocking
Boomtown Great Sensation Classic Line's Duke Of Diamonds
Farmarens My Xmas Gift
Vallarens Perla Pensé Soundtrack's Dartan Young Potterdale Exellence Potterdale Premier
Potterdale Pollyanna
Soundtrack's Buttercup Chriscaro Cagney
Soundtrack's Alina
Vallarens Anna-Stina Movitz Knockout Drop Dandibrush Heritage
Wellknowe Country Girl
Vallarens Maja-Stina Twinklestar's Wild Snow-Storm
Vallarens Lindalee


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